Investment Management & Trust Services

Peoples Security Wealth Management Group – Investment Management & Trust Services offers a broad range of investment management, fiduciary and custodian services.

As an independent, locally managed community bank, we have provided quality Wealth Management Services for over 75 years. We have assisted our customers in attaining their goals by upholding our focus on personalized customer service. We are staffed with highly qualified professionals who have developed a reputation for timely decision making and excellent service to the growing list of institutional and individual clients.

The culture of the organization is one of commitment toward helping our customers achieve their financial goals. This culture carries through to our investment philosophy and process as we help create, manage and protect our customers’ wealth, in accordance with their goals and objectives through the use of various financial planning tools. We look forward to speaking with you to determine how we can help you achieve those goals. Feel free to contact us for further information at

Investment Management

Investment Management is a vital step in your financial planning process. Peoples Security Bank & Trust Co., as your agent will assist you in fulfilling your financial goals. We will create an investment portfolio designed especially for you based upon your financial objectives and risk tolerance. Our Investment Management Team will monitor your account to ensure that your financial objectives are being met and if necessary will make recommendations to enhance the value of your portfolio.

Living Trusts

A Living (revocable) Trust is a trust you create during your lifetime. Peoples Security Bank & Trust Co. as the corporate trustee of your trust can provide the following services to you. The bank will act as your investment manager, make distributions to you from the trust or to others on your behalf and will follow any testamentary wishes you have provided for within the trust.

Trust Under Will

A Trust Under Will, or Testamentary Trust, is a legal document created under a decedent’s will. This trust allows a decedent to determine who, how, and when a named beneficiary will receive any benefits from the trust. Peoples Security Bank & Trust Co as corporate trustee will assume management of the trust’s assets and ensure proper administration according to the terms of the trust.

Estate Administration

As the named executor in a decedent’s will, Peoples Security Bank & Trust Co will perform all the necessary duties in order to complete the estate in a timely manner. We can offer this service to individual executors by acting in the capacity as agent for the executor.

IRA Trustee Services

As trustee for your Individual Retirement Account, we will create an investment portfolio designed especially for you based upon your financial objectives and risk tolerance. Your account will be reviewed to ensure that your financial goals are being met. Recommendations will be made to adjust the portfolio if necessary.


Peoples Security Bank & Trust Co when appointed Guardian by a will or court order of the estate of a minor or an individual lacking mental capacity the bank will serve in a fiduciary capacity, exercising full discretion in asset management and other guardian related issues. The bank will confer with a named co guardian regarding the administration of the account.

Custodial Services

As custodian, the bank will hold your assets in a non-managed account. The bank will collect any income that is generated by the assets and will execute sales or purchases of assets per your instructions. Accounting records will also be maintained for the account.

Certain Insurance and Investment products are subject to the following disclosures.
Not FDIC Insured | No Bank Guarantee | May Lose Value | Not a Deposit | Not Insured by any Federal Government Agency

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